How to Transport Vehicles to Port Bremerhaven, Germany for Military Personnel

How to Transport Vehicles to Port Bremerhaven, Germany for Military Personnel

Transporting vehicles/automobiles/cars that are owned by members of the military to Germany is one of K International Transport’s specialties. We help clients ship automobiles of all makes, models, and years between the military base in Germany and the United States with affordable and efficient international shipping services.

There are some things that military clients should know about transporting their vehicles overseas. Although the process of international automobile shipping is similar for military services and regular car shipping, there are some nuances in military vehicle shipping because of the types of automobiles transported, the length of time they stay in Germany, and various regulations. A reliable and experienced international shipping company can help clients navigate the particulars of this process, but it also helps if clients know what to expect.

Car Restrictions for Military Relocation

There are a couple of restrictions that clients should be aware of. First, only a small number of items can be left in the automobile for overseas shipping. These include, but are not limited to, hand tools which do not exceed $200 in value, jumper cables, fire extinguishers, one spare tire, child car seats, tire irons, and jacks. Because of various regulations, other items may or may not be allowed to travel with the vehicle. To find out if an item can be left in the automobile, contact your freight forwarder. It is important to make sure that only what is allowed is left in the car; you don’t want to pay extra fees for not complying with these various restrictions.

Also, clients transporting a second automobile into Germany may have to pay an import duty and extra fees. Luckily, a military vehicle may be eligible for transport overseas at the government’s expense. Clients can discuss these issues and restrictions with their qualified international shipping agent.

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Preparations for Transporting a Vehicle to a Port in Germany

Included in the customs regulations are instructions for what clients must do with their automobiles before shipping them overseas. One standard for vehicles is cleanliness. Military personnel interested in transporting their vehicles to a military base in Germany must wash and clean out the vehicle before shipping, both the exterior and the interior. The car, including the trunk, must be vacuumed clean, and the vehicle must dry completely prior to shipment. Additionally, most personal items must be removed prior to shipping. These include:

  • All car accessories that are not permanently installed
  • Liquids
  • Flammable or combustible substances
  • Installed radios
  • And air fresheners

Prior to shipping, clients must also ensure that the fuel tank is ¼ or less full, the parking brake is fully functional, there are no substantial cracks on the windshield, and that any other potential standard is considered and abided by.

To transport an automobile back to the United States from Germany, there are additional preparations that the car must go through. All of the aforementioned cleanliness standards must be fulfilled, but it may benefit the client to take extra care when cleaning because each vehicle is inspected to ensure that there are no biological products or dirt in the automobile, as per U.S customs regulations. It is important to abide by these rules because cars can be rejected and barred from entering the country. Luckily, with reliable overseas car transport services, an agent will notify their clients about every pre-shipping necessity.

Documentation Needed

Before starting the transport process for automobiles to Germany, clients must have the required documentation. This documentation includes a copy of the shipper’s government-issued identification, the identification of the person picking up the automobile (if it isn’t the shipper), The original title and registration of the automobile, proof of entitlement, and a power of attorney form to allow the international shipping company to complete the shipment on behalf of the client.
Although these documents are generally needed for all international automobile shipping purposes, there can be other required paperwork depending on the type of car being shipped, whether the car is leased or owned, and the specific requirements of the destination port.

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Transporting Automobiles to Germany

Affordable deals are available for military personnel transporting cargo from virtually all ports in the United States, including New York, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, or any other available port. Specifically, great deals are available to and from Port Bremerhaven, Germany, which is located very close to the military base.

With a reliable and experienced international shipping company like K International Transport, military personnel do not have to worry about the various restrictions, regulations, and rules governing the overseas transport of cars. K International Transport can offer affordable services, necessary information, and good advice for clients shipping automobiles to Port Bremerhaven, Germany. In fact, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service from start to finish; K International Transport is available to clients even before the completed documents are handed in.

For more information about transporting vehicles overseas, Port Bremerhaven, or shipping for military personnel, call K International Transport at 212-267-6400 or email us at You can also reach out to us on Skype at Kinternationalny. For an international shipping price quote, visit our rate request page.