How We Can Help You Become Successful in International Shipping Commerce Part I– Understanding Incoterms

Becoming an international merchant is very tough and takes a large amount of knowledge and experience to succeed. Each country has different rules and customs when it comes to importing and exporting, so it is necessary to know and understand the rules in order to stay within the law. We know that understanding all the details of international commerce and shipping is difficult, but K International is here to help!

As one of the many international shipping services we offer K International provides professional logistical and consulting services including: letter of credit handling, logistical international shipping planning, documentation compliance and various overseas shipping concerns. One of the most important components of international shipping is understanding Incoterms. For example do you know what DDP means? DDP stands for Delivery Duty Paid and it is one of the INCOTERM rules. We will explain below how understanding INCOTERM rules are important in international shipping.

If you are involved in importing and exporting, it is imperative that you understand INCOTERMS. INCOTERMS are a series of commercial international shipping terms that come from the International Chamber of Commerce, which is the largest business organization in the world. The International Chamber of Commerce is comprised of hundreds of thousands of companies in 130 countries around the world and INCOTERMS are an important part of governing international trade. INCOTERMS are accepted by most governments, businesses, and legal authorities around the world. We can help you use INCOTERMS properly to improve your international shipping transactions and help safeguard you against certain import and export risks.

Whether your company is involved in large-scale and small-scale commercial products, trailer shipping, overseas car shipping, heavy equipment shipping or dealing with other international shipping companies it is imperative to understand the various aspects of international commerce. K International provides many different international shipping services and we are happy to help with all aspects of the shipping process including establishing shipping charges, determining delivery and payment terms, INCOTERMS, letter of credits and more. If you would like more information on how we can help you navigate the waters of international shipping, please contact us today.