Importing Automobiles into the United States: What Clients Need to Know

Importing Automobiles into the United States: What Clients Need to Know

International automobile shipping services are a popular aspect of freight forwarding overseas. Clients seek companies to help them transport all types of vehicles, both contemporary and vintage, to countries all over the world. However, when seeking to import cars, the process is slightly more nuanced.

The process of importing automobiles into the United States differs from that of exporting cargo because of governmental regulations and standards for both imports and for automobiles. In order to successfully import cars into the United States, the automobiles have to have been made for the American market; that is to say that if a vehicle had been made for use in any other country, it is probably not an acceptable import.

The reason for this regulation by the United States government is to protect American consumers from using cars that may not fit the automobile manufacturing standards of the country. This is because the manufacturing standards differ country to country. For example, some countries have steering wheels on the right side of the automobile. Even such a small detail, among many other more important features, can determine whether a car can be transported into the United States.

However, clients of reliable and experienced international shipping companies need not worry. Clients can expect their trustworthy freight forwarding companies to give them all the information regarding their shipment, and to streamline the process as quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively as possible!

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