Interested in International Construction Equipment Shipping Services to Ports in Kuwait from the United States?

International construction equipment shipping may be an alien process for many. However, with a trustworthy international shipping company, overseas transport to Kuwait is both hassle-free and affordable. 

No matter whether you are shipping for the first time, or more familiar with the process: K International can help. 

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With K International’s international shipping services, we can help you ship construction equipment to the port at Shuwaikh, Kuwait. 

 Kuwait has one of the biggest shipping industries in the Middle East, and serves as a major trading post for the Arabian peninsula. This port also has tons of other noteworthy features, including 
  • five ports, two of which are for commercial cargo and three ports are for the exportation of oil.
  • 21 berths with all types of vessels arriving at its shores including: roll-on / roll-off, container, fishing and small passenger ships.
  • The port of Shuwaikh, Kuwait is a bustling area with hospitals, a university, shopping center, major banks and a free trade zone all within close proximity.

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