International Auto Shipping Cost to Europe

Whether you are relocating to a European nation for retirement, job opportunities, or simply purchasing a car online, it is important to be in contact with an automobile shipping company that is familiar with the ins and outs of overseas car transport. K International Transport has been helping its customers ship their cars internationally for over 20 years, and continues to provide personalized service at each and every stage of the shipment, beginning with a car shipping quote.
While increasingly sophisticated communications technology has made the world seem smaller, finding international car shipping costs can still be a daunting process. From which steamship line to select, to what method of shipment (i.e. Container Shipping or Roll-On / Roll-Off Service) would be best, K International will hear your specific needs and deliver car shipping quotes that will have more of your concerns covered than other international shipping companies. For example, while Roll-On / Roll-Off Service is generally more economical for shipping cars to Europe, Roll-On / Roll-Off Vessels do not call every port that Container ships do. This means that based upon the specific destination you have for shipping your car to Europe, it may actually work better to select Container service into a more convenient destination port, rather than pay even more for retrieving your vehicle from the farther port serviced by Roll-On / Roll-Off Vessels.
Other considerations include if you also plan to ship your furniture to Europe. Whether you have many things to ship, or only a few, steamship lines do not allow anything unrelated to the vehicle to be inside in during shipping to Europe. Choosing a larger container and having one of our Licensed Warehouses block and brace your vehicle, will allow you the room to load the rest of the space with your things for shipping to Europe.
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