International Automobile and Construction Equipment Shipping to Reliable Port Panama City, Panama!

One of the fastest growing economies in Central America, Panama is a great destination for utilizing international shipping services for cargo from the United States. In addition to a experienced and efficient company like K International to help clients throughout the process, Port Panama City is reliable and highly accommodating to clients transporting all cargo, including automobiles/ cars/ vehicles and construction equipment from companies like Kobelco/ Hitachi/ Komatsu/ Caterpillar.

K International can ship anything including but not limited to excavators, cranes, automobiles of all makes and models, dump trucks, tractor trailers, bulldozers, and more!
bird's eye view photography of building

Photo by Hanson Lu

Some notable features of Port Panama City, Panama include:

  • Port Panama City has dedicated at least $50 million into improving its facilities and plans to invest approximately $30 million more.
  • The Panama Canal played a major part in helping the city establish itself as a global commercial center and makes transportation to and from the port more efficient.
  • Panama City is responsible for about 55% of the country’s GDP with the help of port Panama City, related mostly to commerce and tourism.
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