International Automobile Shipping of High-End and Vintage Automobiles to Port Zurich, Switzerland!

The import of high-end and classic automobiles to Port Zurich, Switzerland is in high demand! Therefore, there is no better time than now to transport a vintage car to Switzerland with a reliable international shipping company like K International! 

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Some may be concerned about the process of shipping an expensive, vintage automobile overseas, but with our overseas car transport services, we can assure you that your automobile will arrive to Zurich safely and efficiently! 
  • International shipping from any port in the U.S including New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, California, Texas, and more! 
  • Inland trucking and transportation services if your car is outside of a port city.
  • Ro/ro shipping to get your automobile to Zurich quickly and safely with our overseas car transport services.
  • We’ll take care of export formalities from your port of choice. 
  • And we’ll help you take care of customs clearance in Switzerland!
  • Your cargo will arrive in Zurich quickly and safely! 
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