International Shipping of Vintage, Classic, and Antique Cars to the U.K.

International Shipping of Vintage, Classic, and Antique Cars to the U.K.

What You Need to Know About International Car Shipping

Transporting vintage, classic, antique automobiles overseas can be very stressful for clients. These cars tend to be highly valued by their owners, both monetarily and sentimentally. This can mean higher stakes and more anxiety about the overseas car transport process. Luckily, with an experienced international shipping company like K International Transport, clients can be sure they are making the right decisions for their vintage or classic cars/automobiles/vehicles.

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Basic Overseas Car Transport Shipping

Certain aspects of transporting antique automobiles overseas are very similar to standard international automobile shipping services. Therefore, clients can benefit from understanding the basic procedure of overseas auto transport before delving into the various difficulties and differences that exist specifically within the realm of transporting vintage cars. With basic automobile shipping services, clients will be asked for several documents prior to shipping, including:

  • The original title of the car
  • Their full name, address, and photo identification, as well as the consignee’s identification and contact information
  • Prepayment in full (once all the costs are known)
  • Proof of the commercial value of the automobile
  • A signed power of attorney form to allow the freight forwarding company to legally manage the shipment

Additionally, the company will need to know the desired date of shipment, and the car’s location in the United States.

Next, the freight forwarding company will work with the client to determine whether they will need inland trucking and transportation services. Often, clients will rely on these services if they are unable to bring their own automobiles to the port of origin. K International Transport uses trusted and experienced trucking companies to bring cars from door to port for an affordable price.

The automobile will then be shipped from a port in the United States, which includes those in New York, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, California, or any other available port, via roll-on/roll-off (RORO) or containers services.

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Transporting Vintage, Classic, and Antique Vehicles Overseas

With international automobile shipping services that specifically deal with antique, vintage, and classic cars, clients may not have a choice between RORO and container shipping. Typically, RORO is for self-propelled cars that can be driven onto a vessel.

However, classic cars are often non-runners and therefore need to be loaded into a 20, 40, or 45-foot container. Despite the more difficult task of loading a vintage automobile into a container, this method of shipping has many beneficial aspects that clients love. These include great protection of the car from the elements and various damages, and the ability to transport personal effects in the container, which cannot be done when transporting an automobile via RORO.

Classic Car Shipping Insurance

Additionally, many clients looking to transport vintage automobiles purchase antique car shipping insurance to protect their valuable automobile in case of damage during transport. Clients can discuss and negotiate different types of insurance and coverage options with their international shipping companies.

Two general types of shipping insurance include total-loss insurance and all-risk insurance. Total-loss insurance covers vehicles that are damaged beyond repair during transit, and does not cover minor damage. For example, total-loss insurance would cover the sinking of a vessel or the complete loss of an automobile or container filled with cargo. All-risk insurance is broader in its application. It covers major damage during transit.

All in all, with the price of container shipping, antique car shipping insurance, and other tariffs that apply to a classic vehicle, transporting vintage automobiles can be a bit pricey. However, clients can rest assured that a reliable and qualified company like K International Transport can offer the best deals and service for transporting automobiles of all makes, models, and years overseas.

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Transporting to Port Southampton, U.K.

Transporting to the U.K. is easy and efficient. Port Southampton in the United Kingdom is an important port in the country, Europe, and the world. As the second largest port in the U.K., it is the leader in international car shipping and accepts RORO vessels and containers of all sizes.

The port’s efficiency is further demonstrated by the large number of shipping companies located around the port in order to provide customs clearance, unloading, and a variety of other international shipping services in a timely manner. Clients can find out more about Port Southampton, United Kingdom at the Southampton Port Authority Page.

How to Reach Us and Get a Shipping Quote

As a leading international shipping company, K International Transport can provide cost-effective and reliable international shipping services. We ship hundreds of vintage, classic, and antique cars from the United States to Southampton, U.K., and virtually any part of the world.

For more information, call us at 212-267-6400, or send us an email at You can also reach out to us on Skype at kinternationalny. For an international antique car shipping rate, visit our rate request page for a preliminary shipping quote.