International Boat, Watercraft, and Automobile Shipping Services to Port Melbourne, Australia from all Ports in the United States!

With a reliable and experienced international automobile shipping company, shipping all cargo overseas can be affordable and hassle-free. This includes the transport of boats and other watercrafts.

For clients looking to transport watercrafts to Port Melbourne, Australia, K International loves to ship yachts, sailboats, jet skis, fishing boats, and other watercrafts with international boat shipping services!

Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK

In addition to K International’s trustworthy international boat shipping services, Port Melbourne can also offer and efficient and safe experience in the shipping process. Some notable features about Port Melbourne, Australia include:

  • The port of Melbourne experiences a growth rate of approximately 6% each year.
  • The upcoming expansion project will create an automotive facility to assist with incoming overseas automobile shipping services into Melbourne. The facility will be able to handle over 600,000 vehicles.
  • The port of Melbourne has docks that handles cargo destined to nearby Tasmania, the port serves as the main transportation hub to Tasmania and nearby destinations throughout Oceania.

Photographs by Gnangarra… [CC BY 2.5 au (], via Wikimedia Commons

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