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July 27, 2012
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Are you looking to ship a Toyota 4 Runner or Ford Ranger to Freetown, Sierra Leone from the United States?  Need assistance shipping agricultural machinery and construction equipment from the US to Sierra Leone?  Every year the United States exports millions of dollars worth of cars and machinery to Sierra Leone.  Whether you are looking for affordable international car shipping or overseas construction equipment shipping to Sierra Leone, we offer some of the best service at the best prices.

Freetown, Sierra Leone is home to one of the largest ports in West Africa.  International car, heavy equipment, machinery and container shipping service is available to the port of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The major port in Sierra Leone is Freetown which is also the largest natural harbor in Africa. Freetown serves as the capital and financial center for Sierra Leone and is also its largest city.  International shipping service from the United States to the port in Freetown include:

  • International container shipping service from most major ports in the USA to Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • Overseas vehicle shipping service from the east coast of the United States to Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • Construction equipment and heavy machinery shipping service from the United States to Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • Less than container load (LCL) shipping service from all points in the United States to Freetown, Sierra Leone

In order to understand how we can assist you with shipping your goods to Sierra Leone, here is a more in-depth description of how we can help.

International Container Shipping Service to Sierra Leone

Are you looking to ship a full container of vehicles, machinery, parts, donation goods, construction equipment and/or commercial cargo to Sierra Leone?  We can offer 20′, 40′ and 40’HC international container service from all major points in the United States to Freetown, Sierra Leone. 

We can deliver any sized container to your door for loading.  Once the container is finished loading it will be delivered to the closest port or rail station for international shipping to Sierra Leone.  Container shipping service is an easy and cost effective way to ship bulk items, commercial cargo, cars, machinery parts, and food products from the United States to Sierra Leone.  

Overseas Car Shipping Service from the USA to Sierra Leone

Every year over $14 million worth of used vehicles are shipped from the United States to Sierra Leone.  For the past few years we have shipped Toyota 4 Runner’s, Ford Ranger’s, Toyota Land Cruisers and Toyota Corolla’s from the USA to Freetown, Sierra Leone. One of the most popular ways to ship cars to Sierra Leone is through roll-on / roll-off (ro/ro) international shipping service.  Cars shipped utilizing ro/ro service are driven onto a specialized car carrier vessel.  International car shipping service is available from the USA ports of New York, Baltimore, Savannah and Jacksonville to Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Can’t bring your car to port?  No problem!  We can pick up your vehicle from any point within the continental USA for delivery to the closest port.  Whether your car is located on the west coast or the east coast we can provide inland transportation services.  

International Construction Equipment and Heavy Machinery Shipping Service from the United States to Freetown, Sierra Leone  

Interested in shipping construction equipment and heavy machinery to Sierra Leone?  We can ship mining equipment, bulldozers, motor graders, excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks, Komatsu, vibrating rollers, compactors, machinery parts and other equipment to the port of Freetown, Sierra Leone from the USA.  There are a couple of options when shipping machinery: 1). Roll-On/Roll-Off shipping service 2). Container shipping service 3). Equipment dismantling and containerization shipping service to Sierra Leone.  As one of the best and most experienced international shipping companies in the United States shipping to Sierra Leone, we can provide you with recommendations for the best way to ship your construction equipment and machinery.

Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipping service to Sierra Leone
Do you need help shipping a couple of boxes or pallets of machinery parts, work tools, commercial cargo, pharmaceutical products and other small items to Sierra Leone?  Oftentimes customers are looking for a more cost effective way to ship smaller items to Sierra Leone.  In the event that you do not have enough cargo to fill an entire container, we can offer container consolidation / LCL shipping service to Sierra Leone.  How does LCL service work?  We take the dimensions and weight of your boxes or pallets and only charge you a fraction of the entire container cost.  You can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars shipping to Sierra Leone with LCL service. 


Whether you need to ship cars, mining equipment, construction equipment, machinery parts or commercial cargo to Freetown, Sierra Leone, we can help!  Contact us today to receive free international car shipping quotes, construction equipment shipping costs or container shipping rates to Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Send us an email at, or visit our rate request page.  You can also reach us on Skype at kinternationalny or give us a  call Monday-Friday 9:00 am- 5:00 pm EST at 212-267-6400.  When it comes to the best international shipping prices to Sierra Leone contact K International today!

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