International Car Transport by Air

In an earlier blog we highlighted our overseas vehicle shipping services for vintage, classic and luxury vehicles from the United States. While most customers ship their vehicles in containers or on roll-on roll-off shipping vessels some customers opt to ship their car by air. International car transport by air is the fastest way to ship your car internationally from the United States to various countries around the world. International car shipping by air is also the most expensive way to ship your car! Air freight costs for shipping your vehicle is oftentimes 10-20 times more expensive than shipping your car by ocean
So, who is shipping their car by air?
  • Race car drivers shipping expensive, one-of-a-kind automobiles abroad and who need their cars immediately for their racing event.
  • Vintage, classic and luxury car collectors who want to minimize the risk of damage and receive their one-of-a-kind vehicle as quickly as possible
  • Cars shipped internationally under carnet oftentimes used for international car shows and conventions, vintage and classic car shows, and vintage auto club events.
What are the benefits of international car transport by air?
  • Expedited international automobile shipping means your car will get to its final destination within 1-4 days
  • Protection – automobile airfreight airlines take extra precautions to ensure your car is safely protected during transport and is minimally handled.
  • Airfreight offers international shipping services to more locations including: service to inland points and land-blocked countries not serviced by ocean shipping and service to airports that are closer to the final destination than the major ocean port of that country.
K International Transport can offer inland pick-up at destination for your vehicle and deliver to the nearest departure airport. Inland car trucking service by enclosed car carrier is also available. The customs clearance procedure for international car shipping by air is the same as by ocean- we will need the car’s original title and if there is an outstanding balance on your vehicle we will need a lien release letter from the bank.
When it comes to international car transport by air you should not always trust the company offering the cheapest international car shipping rate! Always check your car shipping rate quote – make sure whichever international shipping companies provide you with car shipping quotes confirm they will handle all documentation and inspection requirements including: car customs clearance, hazardous goods declaration form and airline airway bill.
International car shipping by air is a great option for those customers who require expedited auto transport. Contact K International to receive international car transport airfreight rate quotes from the United States. We offer competitive rate quotes to all available destinations worldwide and can get your car shipped without delay.
For more information on overseas auto shipping check out our international car shipping information page and receive a car shipping quote by submitting a request on our international car shipping rate request page.
To see pictures of some of our past international car transport shipments visit our Facebook page – we also have pictures of international car airfreight shipping