International Construction Equipment Shipping Services for all Equipment to Port Tunis, Tunisia!

Shipping Caterpillar products overseas can be easy and efficient with an experienced and reliable international shipping company like K International. We love to transport all types of equipment overseas to Port Tunis, Tunisia from the United States, including bulldozers, cranes, dump trucks, tractor trailers, and more!

Our construction equipment shipping services include inland trucking and transportation to the port in the U.S, rigging and dismantling, customs clearance, and export formalities. Shipping Caterpillar equipment to Tunisia can be easy and affordable!

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The port of Tunis, Tunisia is a trustworthy port capable of handling tons of cargo. A few notable features include:

  • Tunisia has over 7 ports located along the coast of the country, however the port of Tunis is the main port for container and roll-on / roll-off cargo.
  • La Goulette is a major port located in Tunis, the port was originally built in the early 1500s and has been in service since then.
  • In addition to container and roll-on / roll-off shipping services, the port in Tunis also sees thousands of cruise ships with passengers from several European countries disembarking in Tunis for vacation.
  • Thousands of buses and trucks are shipped to Tunisia from the USA each year utilizing heavy machinery shipping services on roll-on / roll-off vessels.
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