International Moving and Shipping Services for Americans Transferred to Europe

International Moving and Shipping Services for Americans Transferred to Europe

Among some of the best countries for American expats to live and work in are in Europe.  Infamous for crepes, the Autobahn, pasta and the Alps, Europe has plenty to offer American expatriates.  Even with the worldwide economic crisis, global companies are still sending American workers to Europe to work in their overseas offices.  While moving overseas is an exciting adventure for American expats and their families, just getting there can be quite a hassle.  When it comes to international moving and shipping services to Europe, you only want to work with the best, and K International is one of the best international shipping companies in the United States when it comes to assisting customers moving abroad.  K International has helped countless Americans move their cars and belongings overseas to their new job post.  With over 25 years of experience we have seen it all when it comes to international moving to Europe.  Below we list some of the most popular European destinations for American workers:

I. Germany
Germany is infamous for more than beer and the Autobahn, it is also one of the best countries for American expatriates working in Europe.  The most popular city for American expatriates and other international workers is the capital city of Berlin.  Americans looking to move to Germany are in luck, international shipping cost to Germany is among some of the most affordable from the United States.  The ports of Bremerhaven and Hamburg serve as one of the base European ports for international shipping traffic from the United States.  Affordable international car shipping and container shipping service is available to Germany.  Roll-on / roll-off car carriers generally have weekly to bi-weekly international shipping service while container shipping service for household goods and personal items is available on a weekly basis.

As the largest city in Germany, Berlin is a top destination for American workers living and working abroad.  Moving to Berlin and other parts of Germany from the United States is affordable and simple!

II. United Kingdom
Cheers to all American’s we have been relocated to live and work in the United Kingdom!  The UK isn’t only for royalty though, thousands of Americans live and work in the kingdom of Queen Elizabeth.  The most popular destination for American international transfers is the city of London.  International moving and shipping service from the United States for automobiles and household personal items is available to the port of Southampton and Thamesport, UK.

Imagine greeting Big Ben everyday as you head to work in the city of London.

 III. Belgium
Do I speak French, Dutch or German?  That seems to be the biggest question for American’s relocated to work in Belgium, particularly in Brussels.  As the capital of Belgium and the European Union, Brussels is a very cosmopolitan city with plenty to offer for American expats sent to live and work in Brussels.  The city of Antwerp is home to one of the largest seaports in Europe and is considered one of the base European ports.  Moving to Belgium from the United States is thus affordable since Antwerp and Zeebrugge are considered major European ports.  Container shipping service for moving your household furniture and other goods from the USA is available to Antwerp, Belgium.  Most international car shipping service to Belgium goes to the port of Zeebrugge, located approximately 100 kilometers from Antwerp.  

The city of Brussels is home to expats from all over the world.  The cosmopolitan city is a great place for Americans transferred to work in Europe due to the large number of English speakers in the city.

IV. Netherlands
The city of Amsterdam isn’t only a popular tourist destination for those interested in exploring the canals and other infamous “districts” in the canal city, it is also one of the top destinations for Americans moving and living in Europe.  The Netherlands is also home to two of the largest ports in Europe, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, with the latter being one of the world’s busiest ports.  Americans looking for an international shipping company to assist with moving to the Netherlands are in luck, we offer affordable and reliable shipping service to Amsterdam and Rotterdam.  International car and container shipping to Netherlands is widely available from the United States.

Americans moving to Amsterdam should look forward to living in one of the most unique cities in Europe.

 V. France
Bonjour!! Brush up on your French and welcome to the home of some of the world’s best wines and pastries.  The city of Paris is one of the most popular destinations for Americans working abroad.  International shipping and moving service to Paris, the city of romance is available from the USA to the port Le Havre.  Container shipping service to the port of Le Havre is available for customers interested in shipping their furniture, household goods and other belongings to France.  Overseas car shipping service is also available to Le Havre, France from east coast ports in the United States.

Imagine living and working in one of the most beautiful  and romantic cities in the world- Paris!  It also doesn’t hurt to see one of the world’s most popular buildings everyday on your commute to work, the Eiffel Tower.

Whether you are looking to stroll the streets of Paris or wonder through the canals of Amsterdam, working and living in Europe can be an exciting adventure for American expatriates!  And when looking for the best international shipping services to the European countries of Germany, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium and France, look no further than K International Transport.  We offer roll-on / roll-off and container shipping services and some of the best prices to ship your car to Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Southampton, Thamesport, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, Antwerp and Le Havre.  Need assistance shipping the contents of your house to Germany, the UK, Netherlands, Belgium or France?  We offer affordable container shipping services for your furniture and other household items from the USA to Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Southampton, Thamesport, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Le Havre!

For more information on our international moving and car shipping services to Europe give us a call at 212-267-6400 or on Skype at kinternationalny.  Check out our rate request page to submit your request for an international shipping price for your car and household items to Europe at  You can also send us an email for international shipping and moving costs to Europe at  When your company relocates you to Europe, turn to K International Transport for all of your international shipping and moving needs! 

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