International RV Shipping

You RV (recreational vehicle) allows you to experience the comfort of home wherever you are, but when moving to another country, you have to leave it behind. Just kidding! You can bring it with you! This also applies if you are purchasing an RV located in the United States and want it shipped to your location outside of the United States. Recreational vehicles CAN be shipped.

Though at times a complicated process, shipping your RV overseas will be made much easier if you select the correct international shipping company to guide you through the process and to make arrangements on your behalf. K International Transport has been helping its customers send their RVs across oceans for over 20 years. You can start the process by submitting a rate request. The more information you send to us, the more accurate price for overseas shipping we can give you.

Whether you want to freight your Fleetwood, ship your Winnebago to Tabago, or send your Thor to Norway, K International Transport can guide you through the process. Contact us for shipping quotes at / by phone: 212-267-6400 / or by Skype: kinternationalny

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