International Shipping by Air is an Alternative to Maritime Shipping

International Shipping by Air is an Alternative to Maritime Shipping

Airplane flying over container port


Many people transporting cargo overseas often have maritime shipping in mind as the standard procedure for accomplishing this task. After all, shipping vessels are able to accommodate containers of all sizes as well as roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) services for wheeled cargo including automobiles. However, transporting goods overseas by air can be a faster and more efficient. Here is what you should know about international shipping. 

There are a few things clients should know about transporting cargo by air before choosing air or maritime shipping. First, air freight may not be available for all types of cargo. For example, clients utilizing international construction equipment shipping services will find that transporting by cargo ship will be their only option. Air freight is typically for smaller items. Experienced international shipping companies can advise clients about the options for air freight for their particular cargo.

Second, transporting via air is much faster. For clients with a tight schedule and a need for fast shipments, air freight may be the most suitable option. Maritime shipping, on the other hand, can take up to a month, depending on the distance the ship must travel. However, this method is generally much more affordable than shipping via air, and can be utilized for all types of cargo, including automobiles and construction equipment.

There are pros and cons to transporting goods via air freight rather than resorting to the standard process of maritime shipping. Clients can discuss their options with their knowledgeable freight forwarders when deciding between the two.