International Shipping Companies – In Depth: Shipper’s export Declaration (Part 1)

International Shipping Companies – In Depth: Shipper’s export Declaration (Part 1)

When you ship your car overseas, one of the first areas of concern is how to comply with United States Export regulations. For any export valued at over $2,500.00 per schedule B number (the number assigned to exports based on what they are), the U.S. government requires that you file a Shipper’s Export Declaration. As a licensed Freight Forwarder, K International Transport can file the SED on your behalf, making international car shipping that much easier for you. K International Transport is an international shipping company that is ready to listen to your concerns, and guide you through shipping your car overseas.

In this part of this series, I will cover the “General Shipment Information” section of the shipper’s export declaration that must be filed if you want to ship your car internationally.

  • General Shipment info
    • Departure Date 
      • Must be filed ~48 hours before departure date to avoid any difficulties
    • Booking Number 
      • Referred to as Transportation Reference Number
    • Origin State 
      • Where the cargo begins its trip
    • Country of Destination
    • Export Port
    • Mode of Transportation 
      • For International Automobile Shipping, options generally are: VESSEL; VESSEL, CONTAINERIZED; AIR
    • Carrier SCAC 
      • Standard Carrier Alpha Code, a unique four-digit code used to identify transportation companies
    • Vessel name
    • Routed Transaction?  (Y/N)
      • A routed transaction is when the Foreign Principal Party in Interest is the one who authorized the Forwarder (e.g. K International Transport) to file the SED, and not the United States Principal Party in Interest
    • Are USPPI (shipper) and Consignee Related?  (Y/N)
      • For example if someone is relocating overseas and shipping their furniture and/or car to themselves, the answer to this would be YES.
    • Hazardous?  (Y/N) 

If you are interested in discussing international LCL shipping costs, please do not hesitate to contact us either, as a Shipper’s Export Declaration is also required. For an international car shipping cost, please visit our rate request page, send an email to, or call us at (212) 267-6400. We are also available via Skype at kinternationalny.

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