International Shipping of Automobiles and Personal Effects from / to the United States from / to Army Bases Overseas!

Among the United States Army, international shipping services are sought after for transporting cargo back to the country from overseas bases.

While many members of the military are stationed in Europe, they export their automobiles overseas to their location. However, once their service ends, their cars need to find a way back to the United States. That’s where a reliable international shipping company like K International comes in. K International can transport automobiles / vehicles / cars and personal effects to any port in the U.S, including on the east coast as well as the west coast!

We can ship cargo for the military from Germany, Italy, South Korea, and other countries!

Gazouya-japan [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

K International can help you in numerous ways with our international automobile shipping services:
  • K International can import your car from Germany, Italy, South Korea, and more to any port in the United States
  • With our RO/RO vessels, your car will get to the States safely, efficiently, and for an affordable price.
  • We can arrange a car carrier service as well as inland trucking and transportation services, if you are unable to drop your car off at the port of origin.
  • K International can also offer insurance, just in case you feel uncomfortable shipping your automobile for the first time.

By Staff Sgt. Vernon Young [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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