International Shipping of Goods via Air Freight

International Shipping of Goods via Air Freight

When most people think of international shipping, they picture a large vessel traveling thousands of miles across oceans. They visualize hundreds of neatly packed containers holding diverse items. They imagine dozens of cars stacked and fastened next to each other, with construction equipment, such as cranes and bulldozers, not too far off. And they aren’t wrong. However, there is a different option for transporting goods overseas with international shipping companies.

Many shipping customers opt to move their cargo using another method. Transporting cargo via air freight is a viable alternative to ocean freight for some, depending on the commodity, the client’s budget, and the time constraint placed on the service.

Primarily, the customer should advise the company of the nature of their cargo: is it an automobile, a crane, or just various personal effects? Shipping via air freight is only feasible for certain types of cargo: if the client is interested in transporting a car, they should probably stick to ocean freight.
The biggest concern for customers seeking international shipping services is typically the issue of cost and affordability. Shipping most cargo via air freight is usually more affordable. However, the cost is entirely dependent on the cargo involved as well as the nation of origin and the final destination.

Finally, many costumers opt for shipping via air freight because they have a deadline to meet. Whether the shipper is a company, an organization, or possibly an individual moving overseas to start a job, air freight is a faster way to move cargo to another country.

No matter what the motivation for considering air freight over container shipping, it is important to communicate openly with the international shipping company in order to obtain the company’s advice about the best method of shipping for the particular situation.