International Shipping Services for Business Relocation

International Shipping Services for Business Relocation

As the world becomes increasingly globalized and economically interdependent, many businesses in the United States are opting to either expand their franchise or to outsource their company overseas entirely. Because of this phenomenon, international shipping services are high in demand.

Business owners are taking advantage of international shipping companies in order to successfully transport automobiles, personal belongings, and business goods overseas efficiently and for an affordable price to aid in their professional advancement abroad. While this process can seem daunting, freight forwarding companies can help clients through every step.

For clients transporting personal and business cargo, shipping via containers is usually the best method. The cargo is loaded onto a 20-foot, 40-foot, or 45-foot container and transported from a warehouse to the closest and most efficient port in the United States, where it is then shipped overseas to the destination port. Clients also have the option to choose between Less-than-Container (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL), depending on the size and quantity of their cargo, as well as their budget.

Transporting vehicles overseas is slightly different. Most companies will offer transport via Roll-on/ Roll-off (RoRo) vessel with their international automobile shipping services, which allows the car to be driven onto the vessel and is a safe and affordable method for overseas transport.

Besides all of the aforementioned services offered, freight forwarding companies will also assist their clients in the early stages of shipping, which involves paperwork specific to the cargo and destination cargo, as well as with customs clearance and export formalities in both countries.

All in all, utilizing the services of an experienced company can help business owners expand their company or relocate overseas.