International Shipping Services for all Cargo to Port Limon, Costa Rica!

International Shipping Services for all Cargo to Port Limon, Costa Rica!

Experienced international shipping companies can help clients transport all types of cargo overseas to Costa Rica with our international shipping services!

Through Puerto Limon, K International can help transport:


Construction Equipment

Personal Effects



By NOAA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, can offer many notable features, including:

  • Once complete, the plans for expansion will make Puerto Limon the largest port in Central America.
  • Puerto Limon’s proximity to the Panama Canal makes it an excellent transshipment hub location for international shipping services for cargo passing through the canal destined to other countries.
  • In addition to handling container cargo for the shipment of machinery and plastic, the port is also capable of handling international roll-on / roll-off construction equipment shipping and overseas car shipping services
  • Puerto Limon is easily accessible by road to the capital city of San Jose allowing for simple transfer of general cargo and goods within Costa Rica and to the capital.
With the pairing of a reliable port, and an experienced company with time-tested international shipping services, clients have a hassle-free and affordable experience!
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