International Shipping Services from the Midwest

International Shipping Services from the Midwest

Ever wonder how non-coastal states ship overseas?  Believe it or not a vast majority of international shipments from the United States start in the Midwest.  Whether you are a manufacturing company in Ohio, Kansas, Tennessee, Illinois or any other Midwestern state, international shipping services are easily available from these locations.  How are international shipping companies able to ship from the Midwest?  The answer is simple…by rail.

Several major Midwestern cities have rail yards servicing customers who need to ship their products overseas.  If you look  at the major cities in the Midwest, most have a rail yard.  Major rail cities used in international shipping include rail yards located in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis, Kansas City, and Indianapolis. These rail yards make shipping from the midwest simple and fast.

In order to understand how simple international shipping is from the Midwest, we will go through the process step-by-step.

  1.  First we locate where the nearest rail station is to your warehouse or manufacturing plant
  2. Let’s say you are closest to Chicago rail, we will then schedule to have our trucker pick-up an empty container from Chicago’s rail yard and deliver it to your door for loading.
  3. After loading is complete the filled container is returned to Chicago’s rail yard for shipment to a east coast port.  The container is loaded on the train for shipment.
  4. From Chicago the container will oftentimes travel to the port in New York or Norfolk, Virginia.
  5. Once your container arrives at the east coast port it is shipped abroad on a container vessel.
Shipping from the Midwest is possible using America’s railroad system. 
Containers are loaded onto the train and shipped to USA east and west coast ports.

The efficient rail system makes shipping internationally from the Midwest easy.  As a leading overseas shipping company, we offer competitive international shipping rates from the Midwest including from Chicago, Cleveland, Memphis, Indianapolis, Detroit, Kansas City and more.  Email us to receive a international shipping quote and to learn about the expert international shipping services we offer from the Midwest USA to all available ports worldwide.  To receive a quote email us at:  If you have any questions you can also call us at 212-267-6400 or on Skype: kinternationalny.

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