International Shipping Services in Times of Trade Wars and Sanctions


Everyone with even one eye on the news knows something about economic conflicts internationally; trade wars and economic sanctions have been prevalent as a way to force compliance from countries or otherwise placed for various political reasons. Countries currently sanctioned by the United States include nations that have been popular destinations for import cargo, including the Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Syria, and Iran. However, clients seeking international shipping services rarely have to worry about navigating the global political and economic state.

An important aspect of international freight forwarding is selecting an experienced and reliable international shipping company to guide the client through the complicated process. A respectable freight forwarding company can inform clients about issues that may arise from transporting cargo to a particular country, and can often advise the client in the best way to proceed should they want to continue their shipment to a sanctioned nation.  Trade sanctions vary by country, and often have loopholes that allow for imported cargo from clients seeking to ship for business, transport goods to family, or to move cargo for their relocation overseas.

With international container shipping, as well as roll-on/roll-off transport when it applies, freight forwarders can help clients transport automobiles of all makes and models, construction equipment and high-heavy equipment, as well as personal effects to virtually all international ports in the United States. With a reliable, experienced, and helpful international shipping company, clients need not fear the global economic climate when transporting cargo overseas.