International Shipping Services to Guayaquil, Ecuador

International Shipping Services to Guayaquil, Ecuador

Are you interested in shipping to the “Republic of the Equator?”  Famous for being the home of the Galapagos Island and for being on the equator, Ecuador is also a large importer of USA goods.  The United States is Ecuador’s largest trading partner and every year millions of dollars worth of machinery and equipment is shipped to the port of Guayaquil, Ecuador from the USA.

Guayaquil is the largest city and port in Ecuador.  K International offers affordable international shipping service to Guayaquil, Ecuador from the United States!  Whether you need to ship construction equipment or used machinery to Ecuador, we can help!

International shipping services to Ecuador include container shipping services, roll-on / roll-off shipping service, construction equipment shipping service and breakbulk shipping service.  Ecuador continues to have a high demand for used construction and high-heavy equipment from the United States.  As one of the leading international shipping companies in the United States, we offer some of the best overseas transport services to Ecuador.  Among the several international ocean shipping services we offer are:

-Construction equipment dismantling and containerization shipping service from the United States to Guayaquil, Ecuador
-International high heavy equipment shipping via roll-on / roll-off shipping to Ecuador for large construction equipment that cannot be dismantled and/or fit inside a container
-Breakbulk cargo shipping service to Ecuador for static cargo that is not self-propelled or towable (on wheels)

Whether you are looking to ship excavators, stone crushing equipment, tractors, motor graders, rollers, dump trucks, levelers, trucks, excavating machinery, drilling machinery, buses or transportation equipment to Guayaquil, Ecuador from the United States, we can help!  Contact us today to receive international shipping prices to ship excavating machinery, trucks and other construction equipment to Ecuador.  We can be reached by phone at 212-267-6400, email at or on skype at kinternationalny.

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