International Shipping Services to Montevideo, Uruguay from the United States

Did you know that Uruguay is home to the most advanced container terminal in South America?  The city of Montevideo serves as the capital of Uruguay and is also home to the country’s largest port.  If you are looking to ship construction equipment, cars, household goods, personal items and other cargo to Uruguay, we can help.

The city of Montevideo serves as the capital of Uruguay and is home to the country’s main shipping port

What type of international shipping services do we offer to Montevideo, Uruguay?  We can ship construction equipment and cars to Uruguay from the USA with our affordable roll-on / roll-off shipping services.  We can also ship commercial cargo to Montevideo in international containers.  Interested in dismantling heavy / construction equipment inside a container and shipping it to Uruguay, Montevideo from the United States?  We can also provide construction equipment dismantling and container loading services for certain types of equipment.  We are experts in international construction equipment shipping to Montevideo.  Some popular equipment shipped to Uruguay include:

  • Agricultural Machinery:  we can ship agricultural machinery including tractors,harvesters, tillers, cultivators, skid steer loaders, backhoes, and spreaders to Montevideo, Uruguay from America. 
  • Excavating Machinery: we can ship excavators, bulldozers, scrapers and motor graders from the United States to Montevideo, Uruguay.  We can ship popular models including Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat, Volvo, Daewoo, Kobelco and Caterpillar’s to Montevideo, Uruguay from the US.

We can ship excavating machinery, including this Cat 631C scraper, to the port of Montevideo, Uruguay from the United States

In addition to shipping construction equipment and agricultural machinery to Uruguay, we can also provide the following international shipping services to Montevideo:

  • Household Goods: we can provide full container shipping services for customers moving or retiring to Uruguay from the United States
  • Overseas Car Shipping: we can ship your car, truck, bus, or van to Montevideo, Uruguay by ro/ro vessel or in a secure container from the USA
  • Commercial Cargo:  whether you are looking to ship small machinery, toys, chemicals, car parts, engines and other industrial supplies and commercial cargo to Uruguay from the USA, we can help.  We can even handle hazardous shipments to Montevideo.

If you need an international shipping rate to Montevideo, Uruguay from the USA, contact us today at 212-267-6400 or send a rate request to  We can provide some of the best international shipping prices to Montevideo and respond to all requests for shipping quotes within 1-2 business days.  For more information on the international shipping services we offer from the United States visit our homepage at

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