Key Factor to Shipping Success: Experience

Shipping companies carry the majority of the world’s freight from point A to point B. They are responsible for everything from hazardous materials to construction equipment to household belongings and luxury cars.  All these materials are worth millions of dollars, not to mention the personal investment people have to their things.  So when you are picking a shipping company, it is important to get it right.  So how do you figure out which is the best company?
There are lots of clues for selecting a responsible company, but experience tops the list.  Materials being loaded onto the ship need to be handled in a responsible way.  There are many different methods, and choosing the right method depends on the situation.  Once the materials are loaded, a customer expects them to be delivered safely and efficiently.  Lost luggage is nothing compared to the anxiety brought on by a delay in delivery of your entire household’s worth of goods!
After that comes the legal paperwork.  One slip in the way your cargo is documented, and you could find yourself waiting for months to receive the cargo you shipped.  Having proper documentation for hazardous materials or getting letters of credit can turn into a nightmare if not handled properly.
The logistics alone can make picking a responsible company difficult.  That makes picking an experienced company extremely valuable.  They will know what to expect when it comes to international standards.  Some ports present known problems – an experienced company will know that.

Wouldn’t it be great to work with a logistics company that offers a personal point of contact every step of the way for your freight?  That is the kind of service you can expect with K International; knowing the right method to load your goods, the best way to ship it, the proper paperwork and having a point person to oversea it all is the reason why our company retains business relationships for decades.