Let Us Ship a Nissan Altima to Zeebrugge, Belgium for You!

Whether you are a U.S.-based seller with international customers, or a buyer located abroad, K International Transport can help you ship cars to Europe. The Nissan Altima is very popular at the moment, but there is a greater stock of used and certified pre-owned vehicles in the United States than in Belgium. Zeebrugge, as a base port, opens up not just Belgium but a good portion of Central Europe as well. Just tell us where it is coming from in the United States, and K International can give you a full rate for shipping a Nissan Altima to Zeebrugge, Belgium.

If he was alive, and existed at all, Hercule Poirot wouldn’t entirely disapprove of such a vehicle.

If you are a dealership or an individual who is trying to sell a Nissan Altima to a customer in Belgium, you can enlist the services of a freight forwarder like K International Transport to arrange your shipment for you right from the car’s current location, to the port of your choosing. We can also offer Marine Insurance to cover your cargo.

You can email us at inquiries@kinternational.com, fill our our online form, or call us at (212) 267-6400. We will review the information and give you a quote for shipping a Nissan Altima to Zeebrugge, Belgium (we can also, of course, ship other cargo to other places, just ask and we will quote!).