Looking for an ATV to Ride in the Desert Sand? Shipping Quad Bikes, Dune Buggy’s, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), and Gulf Carts Overseas from the United States

A favorite product for several of our international customers in the Middle East and Asia is quad bikes (ATV) and gulf carts.  We oftentimes have a bit of jealousy when we ship these items overseas because we know the amount of fun our customers will have in the desert sun with these bikes!  If you are looking to ship ATV’s, quad bikes, gulf carts and dune buggy’s overseas from the United States to the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America and anywhere else, we can offer you some of the best international shipping services.  

If you need to ship a dune buggy, ATV or golf cart overseas from the United States, we can offer you several different types of international shipping services:

  • International Container Shipping Services
  • International Roll-On / Roll-Off (RoRo) Shipping Services
  • Airfreight Services
  • International Container Consolidation Shipping Service

Are you a supplier of golf carts, ATV’s or quad bikes and need to ship a large order internationally?  International container shipping service is the best option for you.  We can bring the container to your facility for you to load the golf carts or quad bikes inside.  We can ship internationally to anywhere in the world including the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Are you in the Middle East and purchased an ATV, golf cart or dune buggy from Ebay or a retailer in the USA and need help shipping it to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain or Qatar?  We can provide international ro/ro, airfreight or container consolidation shipping service to the Middle East.  Ro/Ro is the least expensive way to ship a quad bike overseas.  If you need expedited shipping service, we can offer international airfreight shipping service.  If you bought an ATV or golf cart in a crate, we can offer either container consolidation or breakbulk shipping service.

We always wondered what our customers do with their dune 
buggies once we ship them overseas from the US….

Contact us today for more information on our international shipping services for quad bikes, ATV’s, dune buggy’s and golf carts from the United States to the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa or any other international destination.  If you have a question on how to ship ATV’s and golf carts overseas, give us a call at 212-267-6400 or reach us on Skype at kinternationalny.  Looking for an international shipping quote to ship a quad bike, ATV, dune buggy or golf cart from the United States? Send an email to sales@kinternational.com to receive the best international shipping price to ship your dune buggy overseas!  Enjoy the sands of UAE or Saudi Arabia with your brand new ATV shipped from the United States!

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