Looking for International Shipping Services from Miami or Other Parts of Florida? Read On to See How We Can Help!

Known as the hottest state in the USA and grower of the world’s finest oranges, there is plenty to love about the state of Florida.  Looking past the allure of tanning on Miami Beach or taking your family to visit Mickey Mouse at Disney World, did you know that Florida is also one of the top exporting states in the USA?  Consistently ranked in the top 10 exporting states, Florida exports over $40 billion worth of goods to various regions including Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East.  You already know we are one of the best international car shipping companies in the United States, so it should come as know surprise that we offer international shipping services from Florida.

Although Florida is well-known for its oranges, 
Florida also exports billions of dollars worth of machinery, parts, and cars every year.

As one of the largest states and possessing one of the longest coastlines, Florida is home to several major ports.  International shipping services are available from the ports of Jacksonville, Miami, Port Everglades and Tampa.  In order to help you determine which port has the particular overseas shipping service you are looking for we will explain the different services available:

Overseas car shipping service from Florida is available from the ports of Jacksonville, Port Everglades and Tampa.  The most popular shipping port for automobiles is Jacksonville.  International car shipping service is available from Jacksonville to ports in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America and Asia.  Our international car shipping quotes from Florida are usually quoted out of the port of Jacksonville and this is the cheapest and easiest port for international car shipping.  Overseas car transport out of the port of Miami / Port Everglades is also available. Most cars shipped out of Miami are shipped inside a container as roll-on / roll-off shipping service is more widely available from the port of Jacksonville.  However, shipping your automobile from Miami will require some additional information for customs clearance purposes.  The port of Miami has very stringent requirements for international car shipping customs clearance.  In order to avoid any hassles or delays in shipping your vehicle you should be sure to have the following additional documentation available:

  • The original title for the vehicle.  If the vehicle has a lien you will need an original letter from the bank allowing you to export your vehicle.
  • Copy of the owner’s passport of American driver’s license
  • Export Power of Attorney form – this form must me notarized and if the owner of the vehicle is overseas it must be notarized at a USA Embassy or Government Office
  • All forms presented must be in English

If you decide to ship your vehicle through the port of Miami, K International’s car shipping experts will ensure you have all the proper documentation you need to clear your car through customs. As one of the best international car shipping companies servicing your overseas shipping needs from the state of Florida, we know how to properly ship your car with no hassle!  Whether you need to ship a car overseas from Orlando, Clearwater, St Petersburg or Tallahassee, we can pick-up your car from your home and deliver it to port for international car shipping.

Catching a tan on the shores of Miami Beach is easy, 
but international car shipping from Miami can be frustrating for first-time shippers.  
Trust K International to help ease all overseas automobile shipping 
customs clearance concerns, and avoid international shipping delays today!

International construction equipment shipping and container shipping services are available from all major Florida ports.  Ro/Ro shipping services for construction equipment exported from Florida is available through the port of Jacksonville and Port Everglades / Miami.  We can ship Caterpillars, Trucks, Komatsu’s and other construction or road equipment overseas from anywhere in Florida.  Our international ro/ro prices from Florida are among some of the best.  International container shipping service is available from all Florida ports including shipping from Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Port Everglades and Port Canaveral.   The most popular cargo and equipment shipped in container from Florida include: machinery parts, car parts, metal and plastic scrap, and automobiles. 

We offer some of the best international shipping rates from Florida.  
One of K International’s employees watched this container ship loading in the port of Miami.

Whether you are looking to ship cars, machinery or parts from the state of Florida, K International can help!  As one of the best international shipping companies with service from the ports of Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Port Everglades, we offer competitive rates and exceptional service.  To receive international car shipping quotes from the state of Florida click here for our overseas automobile shipping rate request form.  For all other international shipping quotes from Florida including international container shipping services, international airfreight from Miami or LCL / Consolidation shipping services visit our rate request page or send us an email at inquiries@kinternational.com.  Some of the most popular destinations we ship to from Miami, Jacksonville and all other Florida ports include international shipping services and shipping rates to Switzerland, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.  Have an urgent question or need more information on our international shipping services from Florida? Call us at 212-267-6400 or via skype at: kinternationalny My status