Methods of Transporting All Cargo Overseas

Many clients with either experience or interest in transporting cargo overseas don’t understand the nuances of the international shipping process. One overlooked detail is the sheer set of options for maritime transportation, all specific to the type of cargo the container ship is transporting. With a freight forwarding company’s reliable international shipping services, clients can have an easy time transporting their shipment overseas.

The many different methods of maritime transportation include transportation via bulk carrier, container ships, refrigerated ships, roll-on/roll-off ships (RoRo), and barges, among many others. Bulk carriers transport heavy items in bulk, including food staples like rice, on large bodies of water. Similarly, container ships carry heavy items in large metal containers. Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) ships handle primarily wheeled cargo including cars and construction equipment, while barges are used for river and canal transport of heavy goods.

All in all, clients rarely have to worry about the method of overseas shipment; an experienced international shipping company can take care of the nuanced aspects of the freight forwarding.