Most Commonly Shipped Cargo!

Most Commonly Shipped Cargo!

With the increased popularity and use of international shipping services, there are three types of cargo that are more often shipped than the rest. However, no matter what you are shipping internationally, you can always count on K International to help you out!


Overseas car transport services are among the most popular services in international shipping. A reliable international shipping company, like K International, can provide services to ship automobiles efficiently, including roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) shipping and protection from the elements. Shipping from the United States to practically any place in the world can be hassle-free with K International!

Construction Equipment

Construction equipment shipping is also very popular. Along with RoRo shipping services, K International can also offer heavy hauling from warehouse to port, and dismantling services for containerized shipping. No matter whether you are shipping a forklift, a tractor, or a bulldozer, K International’s key services can make construction equipment shipping easy.

Household Goods

Finally, the third most popular cargo to ship is goods from home. Small objects can be shipped overseas with LCL (less-than-container) shipping, anywhere in the world. This is usually done to pass on materials to relatives overseas, or when a customer is moving overseas.

No matter what is being shipped, international shipping companies like K International Transport, can make the process easier and more efficient with their assistance and suggestions. 

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