Moving Abroad? K International Presents: House Hunters International: Australia

Moving Abroad? K International Presents: House Hunters International: Australia

House Hunters International is a popular program that follows couples on their house hunt in various international destinations.  Sometimes working at K International Transport can feel like an episode of House Hunters.  What furniture will the customer bring to their new home?  Can they  fit all their furniture inside the container…and their new house?  What is the best way to ship their two cars?  How to politely tell your customer they cannot ship 100 gallons of fuel or they might be held liable for blowing up a $100 million ship?

Nonetheless, we enjoy working with our customers as they plan for their next exciting adventure in their new home.  Therefore, we decided to provide international shipping assistance to our blog world friends with a poignant story about a couple moving to Australia: Jacob and Emily.

Jacob and Emily were originally from Chicago, and while they normally enjoyed the cold winters they longed for warmth, sunshine and a change of scenery.

Jacob loved Chicago…but he was tired of the cold winters

After searching and finally securing a job in sunny Brisbane, Australia, Jacob and Emily were ready for their big move.  This is when they decided to contact K International Transport to assist with all their international shipping services needed to move abroad to Australia.

A week before they moved, Jacob and Emily wanted to load their 2 bedroom Chicago apartment in a 40’HC shipping container to Australia.  Jacob also wanted to send his 1974 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray to Brisbane, we told him it was no problem, we have inexpensive and reliable international car shipping services to Australia.  We also have a lot of experience shipping classic cars like Chevrolet Corvette’s to Australia.   

Right on time one week before they started their new life, K International was able to pick up Jacob’s Corvette and bring the 40′ container to their door in Chicago.  Jacob and Emily loaded all of their furniture and other personal belongings they needed for their new home in Brisbane, Australia in the container.   Luckily they didn’t have to worry about packing their down jackets…but they did invest in some new surfboards…

Jacob and Emily no longer needed their winter jackets…fashionable in Chicago, but not so much in Australia

K International let Jacob and Emily know it would take approximately 50-65 days before their furniture and surf boards would arrive in Australia.  Jacob and Emily figured this would give them plenty of time to look for a new house in Australia.  After meeting their real estate agent Ruby,  Jacob and Emily were on their way to looking at new houses.

The first place was an apartment in Brisbane.  Although near the center of the city, they realized it would be too small to fit their new surfboards and all their furniture loaded inside their shipping container.  Emily cried out to Jacob, “This bedroom won’t fit our king sized bed, dresser and side tables…let’s look at the next place.”

Emily thought of all the items they were shipping to Australia and she knew this apartment was too small to fit all their stuff

The second place was a small house close to the beaches of Brisbane.  While Emily loved that she could walk outside and get a tan.  Jacob was afraid the house would one day flood and wash away.  He didn’t want to lose all of the beautiful furniture he bought over from the United States….

While Jacob felt secure in the international cargo shipping insurance he purchased for his furniture, he wasn’t sure about the insurance policies in Australia if he lost his house…

The third place was a house not far from the city center, and not too far from the beach.  The house had plenty of sunlight and was big enough to fit all their furniture.  Jacob and Emily instantly felt at home and were excited to start their new life in Brisbane.

This house was just perfect for Jacob and Emily, they were excited to start their new life in Australia

50 Days later their furniture and car arrived safely in Australia.  Jacob and Emily were elated; they loved their new home in Australia and because of K International Transport their new surfboards and furniture arrived safely.

Surf’s Up!  Now Jacob could truly enjoy living in Australia

Are you the next Jacob and Emily?  Looking to move to Australia or any other exciting destination abroad and need help moving?  Contact K International to receive car shipping quotes and container shipping quotes for your container and surfboard.  We can be reached by email at / phone: 212-267-6400 / and Skype: kinternationalny
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