Moving to Panama? Want to Ship Your Car, Boat and Household Goods from the USA to Panama? Find Out How K International Transport Can Help!

Panama has become the hotspot destination for American expats who have recently retired and are looking for a carefree retirement enjoying nature in a beautiful country where their dollar stretches far.  As a result of the recent wave of Americans living in Panama, international shipping services to Panama has also grown.  Whether you need to ship a container of household goods, a car or a boat, K International Transport can help you move to Panama.

The picturesque mountains of Boquete, Panama makes it one of the most popular destinations for retirees.

Overseas Car Shipping Services to Panama

Do you need help shipping your car to Panama from the USA?  Whether you are relocating to the mountains of Boquete or enjoying the city life of Panama City, we can help you ship your car to Panama.  The first option for international car shipping to Panama is on a roll-on / roll-off car carrier vessel.  Ro/Ro service is available to the port of Manzanillo from all major ports in the USA.  We can ship cars to Manzanillo, Panama from the ports of Miami, Baltimore, Savannah, and Jacksonville.  

The second option for overseas car shipping to Panama is in a container.  If you are looking to ship more than one car or want to ship household goods with your car, then the container option is the best option for you.  We can load your car and household goods inside a container and ship it off to the ports of Manzanillo, Cristobal, Panama City or Balboa.  Container service is available from all major USA ports including New York, Charleston, Savannah, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and Seattle to Panama.

Retiring and moving to Panama City, Panama?  Did you know you could take your car with you when you move?

Overseas Boat Shipping Services to Panama

One of the greatest joys of retirement is being able to play with all of our toys we never had the time to play with before.  With that being said, when you ship your car and household goods to Panama, don’t forget to take your boat with you! Bring your jet ski, Sea Ray or Boston Whaler with you when you move to Panama.  International boat shipping service is available to the port of Manzanillo, Panama from the United States.  You can ship your boat on either a towable trailer or on a cradle .  International boat shipping service departs from the ports of Baltimore, Savannah, Jacksonville, Miami and Houston to Manzanillo, Panama.

Shipping Household Goods and Furniture to Panama

Why leave your good couch and bedroom set behind when moving to Panama? Did you know you could ship your furniture and other household goods to Panama?  You can ship your household goods to Panama from the USA in a container. Shipping containers are available in two sizes, 20′ and 40′. Whether you are shipping a one bedroom apartment or a four bedroom house, the two container options should give you enough room to pack all of your personal items.  We can even bring the container to your door anywhere in the United States for you to pack the container yourself.  Save money buying new furniture in Panama and ship your furniture, appliances and other personal items inside a container.  Container shipping service is available to the ports of Manzanillo, Cristobal, Panama City and Balboa.

Bring your household goods, appliances and furniture with you when you move to the beautiful beach town of Coronado, Panama.

Whether you retiring, relocating and/or moving to Coronado, Panama City or Boquete, Panama, we can help make your move easier with our first-class international shipping service from the United States!  Ship your car, boat, furniture, personal items and household goods to Panama with K International Transport.  To receive an international shipping quote to Panama send a request to or visit our rate request page.  You can also reach us by phone at 212-267-6400 or on Skype at kinternationalny.  We will respond to all requests for shipping costs to Panama within 1 to 2 business days.  Move to Panama today with the help of K International Transport!