Music Festivals and International Shipping!

Music Festivals and International Shipping!

On August 17th, 1969, a famous 3-day event came to an end. The Woodstock festival featured over 30 artists, promised 3 days of peace and good music to all those that attended the festival in upstate, New York. From iconic musicians like Jimi Hendrix to the Who, Woodstock symbolized the music scene and peace protests of the 60’s. 

However, what can all the people who didn’t have a chance to witness it do? Well, there are hundreds of music festivals similar to Woodstock all over the world. And who knows, maybe you might even want to use international shipping services to get your belongings overseas to attend. 

Here are some of the most famous festivals going on currently:

Primavera Sound
This music festival takes place in Barcelona, Spain, usually during May. Its seaside location and view of both the city skyline and mountain range, as well as its incredible lineup of both new and more well-known bands, makes it the perfect place to be. 
If you want to experiment with several different genres of music, Primavera Sound might be the right festival for you! Because K International Transport is a trustworthy international shipping company, we can ship your cargo overseas to Spain, whether it’s a car or household goods! 

This festival takes place in Zagreb, Croatia, and is similar to Woodstock in that the attendees can camp out for a few days. However, this festival offers complimentary services for those that do. Near the festivities is Lake Jarun, where campers can swim when they need to take a break from the music. 
If you want to stay for an extended period of time, K International Transport can ship your automobile to Croatia with our international automobile shipping services. We will ship from any port in the United States, including New York, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, and more!

Rock Werchter
This festival takes place in a small village in Belgium, but is one of Europe’s most popular. Although it is small, with only three stages for bands to perform, it is said to have the best lineups year after year. 
If you are planning to travel to Belgium, why not let K International Transport help you with our international shipping services? We can ship almost anything quickly and efficiently to Belgium from the United States!

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