Need Help Shipping Agricultural and Farm Machinery Overseas? Read on to Learn More About our International Agricultural Equipment Shipping Services

Are you looking to ship agricultural equipment and farm machinery overseas from the United States?  Shipping sprayers, loaders, seeders, planters, tractors, combines, flex header, tillage equipment, harvest equipment, corn hearders and other farm equipment internationally from the USA can be done in three simple steps.  Continue to read below to see our how international shipping services for farm and agricultural machinery from the USA can be as simple as 1-2-3:

Step #1: Receive an International Shipping Quote 

In order to ship your farming and agricultural equipment and machinery overseas you will first need to receive a quote.  Besides telling the overseas shipping company what country you are trying to ship to, you will need to also provide other information.  Before you send in your request for a rate, make sure you have the following information available: length, width, height and weight of the unit.  If you are looking to ship a sprayer overseas, this unit is self-propelled.  If you are shipping a different type of farm machinery that is not self-propelled you will need to indicate if it 1). has wheels and can be towed or 2). if it is static and needs to be lifted.  Finally, if you need the unit picked up you should provide the city, state and zip code where the equipment is located.

Step #2: Prepare your Agricultural Equipment and Farm Machinery for International Shipment

Before shipping your machinery overseas you should make sure it is ready to handle being shipped overseas.  Self-propelled equipment should be in working order with proper tires, engine properly running and no leaks from the engine.  All equipment whether it is self-propelled, towable or static should be clean and free of all dirt and grease.  Any unit that is not in good condition i.e. it is dirty, leaking, or not properly running can be rejected from the port terminal.  If the international shipping company is picking up the equipment, you will need to make sure the loading facility has the proper equipment necessary to load the machinery onto the back of the truck’s trailer.  Check with the loading facility if they have the necessary forklift or crane to properly load the equipment on the back of the truck.

Step #3: Ship your Agricultural and Farm Equipment Overseas

You know how much it cost to ship your unit, and you’ve prepared your unit and sent it on its way to the port.  Now comes the time when you finally ship your machinery overseas.  Towable and self-propelled farm machinery is shipped via roll-on / roll-off service while static agricultural equipment is either shipped inside a container, on a flatrack or through breakbulk service.  You will need to make sure you provide your freight forwarder with the proper documentation for the cargo including a commercial invoice with the value, packing list and information for the receiver in the foreign country.  Once your agricultural equipment is shipped on the vessel, the overseas shipping company should provide you with a steamship line bill of lading confirming your cargo was shipped.

Old MacDonald had a farm…and shipped some of his used farm and agricultural machinery overseas! 

Shipping farm machinery and agricultural equipment overseas really is as simple as 1 -2 – 3!  To receive international shipping quotes for sprayers, combines, flex holders, harvesters, seeders, tillage machinery, planters, tractors, loaders, corn headers and other agricultural equipment click here to visit our rate request page.  As one of the leading overseas shipping companies with international service to Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Far East, Africa, the Middle East, Caribbean and Australia, we provide some of the best international shipping rates for agricultural and farm machinery shipping.  Send us an email at or give us a call at 212-267-6400 or on Skype: kinternationalny.

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