Need to Ship a Smaller Package? How LCL (Less-Than-Container Load) / Consolidation International Shipping Services Can Save You Money!

If you asked someone for a glass of water you wouldn’t expect them to give you a gallon bottle of water…the same can be said if you are shipping a smaller package or only 1-2 pallets overseas…you wouldn’t load an entire 20′ or 40′ container with just one pallet!  This would be a waste of money!  As one of the best international shipping companies in the United States, K International is always thinking of you, our customer.  We would never expect you to spend $3,000 on a 40′ container for only one pallet when you could spend $300 instead.  This is why K International offers consolidation international shipping services for customers looking to ship smaller packages.  International consolidation shipping service is also known as less-than-container load (LCL), and this service is available to almost all worldwide ports from the United States.
Do you have a buyer who requested a smaller order than usual and you aren’t sure how to ship it?  Does your overseas subsidiary need some parts for their operation and you need to ship only 1-2 pallets?  Are you moving abroad and only have a few small boxes you need to ship?  K International offers a wide variety of LCL / container consolidation international shipping services for all types of customers.  What type of service do we offer?  When it comes to LCL / consolidation we can assist with the following:
  • Pick-up of the packages from your house or business
  • Loading your boxes on a pallet and shrink-wrapping for extra protection
  • Shipping your cargo to various destinations overseas
  • Door delivery service for select international destinations
  • LCL shipping services for hazardous commodities
Although we’re known as a leading expert in international automobile shipping and international construction equipment shipping from the US, we also offer a wide range of international shipping services!  To receive our LCL / consolidation shipping rates for smaller packages contact us via email at / by phone: 212-267-6400 or catch us on Skype during our business hours, skype name: kinternationalny

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