New to Shipping Abroad?

It need not seem daunting to ship abroad. Whether you are arranging to move heavy equipment for an important construction project, a vintage automobile or relocating your life overseas, there is no need to stress.  Here are some of the advantages of shipping with K International.
Have your shipping terms reviewed before you even enter into a contract.  Overseas construction, for example, is a lucrative and booming business.  But if you don’t understand your obligations and contract for construction equipment shipping, you are creating problems before they even occur.
Benefit from decades of collective experience in international shipping by going with a tried and true business like K International.  There is no need to learn the ropes yourself the hard way – by making critical and costly mistakes.  In fact, it’s a great idea to consider K International’s services an outsourcing of your staff in some ways; take advantage of the fact that you won’t have a rather steep learning curve.  Improve your productivity.  A daunting project doesn’t have to be that complex.  We can move large-scale heavy equipment shipping – even an entire plant.  We are confident we can handle your project.
Avoid any simple mistakes, such as extending “open account” selling terms to your overseas customer.  Likewise, don’t lock yourself out of business by insisting on prepayment upfront simply because you’re nervous.  A letter of credit is the key to a smooth transaction, and K International can explain the intricacies of these transactions and arrange letters of credit.
With K International, you will receive comprehensive support that you simply couldn’t find on your own.  Whether you need a letter of credit, a consultation, logistics planning or a range of other options, our services extend far beyond simple documentation.  We can even negotiate terms on your behalf and coordinate the execution of your shipping.  Find out how easy this is today!