NEWS UPDATE: International Car and Heavy Construction Equipment Shipping to Libya Has Been Reopened

The end of 2011 saw the fall of several governments in the Middle East and North Africa during the “Arab Spring” uprisings.  In February of 2011 the US government banned international trade between the United States and Libya, closing access to container and international car shipping services to Libya.  At the end of October the ousting of the government in Libya opened the door for reviving trade operations in Libya ports in order for humanitarian aid, machinery, automobiles and building equipment to reach Libya to help with the rebuilding efforts.

As a result of the lifting of economic sanctions overseas car shipping services to Libya from the United States were reopened.  Roll-On / Roll-Off carrier shipping services from ports in the eastern United States and the Gulf to ports in Tripoli and Misurata Libya are now available.  Additionally, international automobile shipping services via 20′ and 40′ ocean containers is available to ports in Tripoli, Al Khoms (Khums), Benghazi and Misurata from all major USA ports.

Infrastructure damage in Libya has also caused a need for rebuilding projects and the supply of rebuilding equipment.  International construction equipment shipping to Libya includes the shipping of such items as excavators, bulldozers, heavy duty trucks, motor graders, dump trucks, cranes, concrete mixers and more to ports in Al Khoms (Khums), Benghazi, Tripoli and Misurata from the United States.

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