Before the Ocean Freight Transport: Trucking and other Processes

Many clients of international shipping services, especially those that are inexperienced in the process, imagine overseas transport as just a port to port trans-oceanic transaction. However, the process pre-shipment is equally nuanced and important.

Before the shipment takes place, companies require their clients to complete a variety of forms and scan documents to allow them to proceed. For international automobile shipping, companies need a copy of the client’s identification, their cosigner information, a power of attorney form, and the vehicles original title. These forms vary depending on the cargo being shipped, the origin and destination ports, and various customs rules.

When the paperwork is received and processed, the company will often ask the client if they can transport their cargo themselves to the port of origin. Typically, if it is a newer car and the port isn’t very far, the client can elect to drive the vehicle to the port themselves. However, if it is a non-runner or bulky cargo, such as construction equipment, the international shipping company can contact an experienced trucker to transport the cargo for the client. This can add extra costs to the total price of the service, but many trusted truckers are able to transport cargo for an affordable price.

After the cargo is delivered to the port, the shipment can finally proceed. The company would have scheduled a shipment with an ocean freight shipping line in advance, and depending on the destination, the client’s cargo will arrive shortly.