Options for Transporting Cargo to Landlocked Countries

Often when clients are interested in transporting cargo overseas, whether the cargo includes personal effects, automobiles, or construction equipment, they want the destination to be a landlocked country. With a reliable and experienced international shipping company, it is not impossible to ship cargo to a landlocked country; the freight forwarding company can offer advice for the best way to complete this transfer.

For clients transporting cargo to a landlocked country, such as Ethiopia, Bolivia, or Austria, there are two major options. The first includes shipping via air freight, which has a number of benefits. Clients who choose air freight can transport their cargo faster, can see it to their destination of choice, whether the country is landlocked or not, and can transport their cargo safely and efficiently. However, this option is usually more costly than the average maritime container shipping job is.

The second option involves organizing an inland trucking and transportation services to transport the cargo from the port that it arrives at, to the final destination in a landlocked location. With international shipping services, the freight forwarding company will usually offer this option for an additional cost. This is often the most affordable, efficient, and safe option for transporting all cargo to a landlocked country.