Overseas Car Transport Services to Port Gothenburg, Sweden from any Port in the United States!

Shipping vintage automobiles overseas sounds like a difficult task. However, with a reliable international shipping company like K International, transporting a car / automobile / vehicle to Port Gothenburg, Sweden is easy, efficient, and affordable! No matter whether the client is interested in transporting a contemporary, classic, or vintage automobile, the process can be hassle-free with K International’s years of experience with international automobile shipping.

File:Aahus port container terminal.JPG

By Jan Pešula (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

However, K International’s international shipping services aren’t the only benefit to transporting automobiles overseas to Sweden. Port Gothenburg is an efficient and reliable port that can help clients efficient receive and export cargo. A few notable features of Port Gothenburg, Sweden are:

  • The port of Gothenburg serves as a rail hub for international shipping services to other parts of Sweden as well as into its neighbor Norway.
  • Gothenburg port is known as the leading example of environmental efficiency within the industry. In comparison to other major international ports, approximately 50% of all cargo into the port is moved by rail. The utilization of an expansive rail network cuts the cost of transport, reduces energy usage, and reduces road congestion and air emissions.
  • The port of Gothenburg is the only port in Sweden capable of handling the largest container and roll-on / roll-off vessels in the industry and is the major point of entry and exit for construction equipment shipping and overseas car shipping services. In 2014 over 500,000 roll-on/roll-off units passed through Gothenburg.
  • The port’s strategic location makes it an excellent choice for the transshipment of goods within Scandinavia, the Atlantic North Sea and Baltic Sea countries.


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