Overseas Vehicle Shipping to Nigeria

Overseas Vehicle Shipping to Nigeria

In past blogs we have highlighted international car shipping services to European countries and the Middle East, and we have also spoken about heavy equipment transport to West Africa.  But did you know one of the largest importers of used vehicles from the United States is Nigeria? Shipping cars overseas to Nigeria is one of the most popular international shipping services we offer here at K International. With direct vehicle shipping service available from several Northeast USA ports, shipping to Nigeria is easier and faster than ever!
Overseas car shipping by roll-on / roll-off vessel is available to Lagos, Nigeria from the United States.  International car shipping ro/ro service to Nigeria is available from ports in New York, Baltimore, Jacksonville, and Galveston.  Container shipping services to Nigeria is available from all United States ports including New York, Boston, Baltimore, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, Miami, Los Angeles and Houston.  

When shipping a car to Nigeria there are a number of issues you will need to pay close attention to:
1). Overseas car transport to Nigeria now requires the completion of special government   regulated import documentation prior to shipping from the United States.  The Nigerian Federal Executive Council require all importers to obtain a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) for all shipments.  Recently several steamship lines have required shippers to obtain this note before their vehicle can be loaded on board the vessel in the United States.  When quoting car shipping quotes to Nigeria we try to remind all customers to secure this CTN prior to shipping.  We can assist you with obtaining the Cargo Tracking Note through the use of a third-party company that has been designated to administer the CTN.  Costs for the CTN depend on the size of the vehicle.    

2). Make sure you check all affiliated importing laws with Nigerian customs prior to exporting a used vehicle to Lagos, Nigeria.  Used passenger cars to Lagos, Nigeria can be no more than 10 years old.

3). Confirm whether you prefer to ship your vehicle to Nigeria via roll-on / roll-off service or by container service.  International car shipping by container is available to Tin Can Island, Nigeria.  For more information on available international shipping services at the port of Tin Can Island / Lagos, Nigeria visit our port information page here.   

4). Some roll-on / roll-off service to Nigeria is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, this means you might not get an exact sailing date at the time of your booking.  If you are looking for the most affordable way to transport your car to Nigeria this is it, but you must keep in mind your car might not ship from the USA port for up to a month after delivery to port.

    The above just highlights some important factors you should take into consideration before shipping your car to Nigeria.  K International is one of the top international shipping companies to Nigeria and we offer competitive car shipping quotes and rates.  Submit a rate request today and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.  

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