Oveseas Car Shipping to Finland

Oveseas Car Shipping to Finland

K International Transport is pleased to offer a variety of overseas car shipping services to Finland, but most of our traffic are Roll On / Roll Off shipments of vehicles into the port of Kotka, Finland. Many companies will offer international shipping services to Finland, but K International Transport will work with you from start to finish to make sure that our international shipping service meets your international shipping needs.

The first step when you want to ship your car to Kotka is to figure out how to ship your car to Finland from the USA. This means examining the international car shipping options for shipping your car to Finland. Some of the ways to transport your car to Finland are:

  • Roll On / Roll Off Shipping
  • Container Shipping
  • Air Freight

All of these ways have their own unique advantages. Airfreight is the fastest and most secure, but also the most expensive option by far. Container shipping is the second most secure, and the second most expensive, but far less than airfreight. Container service is available out of and into more ports, and also offers more service options in terms of transit time. Roll On / Roll Off is also very secure, and is the way most people and car manufacturers ship cars all over the world. Instead of being loaded, blocked, and braced into a standard shipping container, your vehicle will be driven onto a specialized vessel for shipping self-propelled units, and parked under deck. A RoRo vessel is akin to a floating garage.

Another feature that that may make you prefer to use a RoRo vessel for overseas shipping to Kotka, Finland is that it is much easier to pick up your vehicle from the port of discharge. If you shipped inside a container, you will need to find a company that can truck the container off the pier, unload the container completely, and return the empty shipping container pack to the port, these charges can add up, and make RoRo the option of many who want the best balance between cost and security in international auto shipping.

Another reason to find a reliable overseas shipping company in Finland is they only local agents in Finland can advise and handle import customs for cars, as well as local port fees in Kotka. This shipping company in Finland. Inland transportation to your door in Finland is also usually handled by the company that aids you with import customs clearance.

Photo: Port of Kotka
The port of Kotka

If you are interested in overseas auto shipping in an ocean container to Finland from the United States, K International Transport is ready to help you with that as well. We are able to ship multiple cars inside a 40′ or 40′ high-cube container . Depending on the volume of the vehicles we usually can fit 2-4 cars inside a 40’HC ocean shipping container.

If you have any more questions about overseas car transport services to Finland send us an email (inquiries@kinternational.com) or give us a call (212-267-6400) and we will be more than happy to help! Click here for our online rate request form and one of our team members will begin work on your comprehensive overseas car shipping quote!