How to Ship a Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Volkswagen Vanagon and Other Vans Over Seas

How to Ship a Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Volkswagen Vanagon and Other Vans Over Seas

No other Great Dane in this world is as popular as the beloved Scooby Doo.  Popular back in the 1960’s, Scooby Doo set out to solve the world’s mysteries with his friends in their vintage VW Vanagon called “The Mystery Machine.”  Looking to live out your childhood dream to own a Great Dane and solve mysteries?  Looking for a “Mystery Machine” van / truck to help you live out these dreams and to give you a pretty awesome ride?  As one of the leading dream-makers (we mean international shipping companies…) in the United States, we can help  you and Scooby Doo solve mysteries in style.  

Scooby Doo first debuted over 40 years ago.  But today you can live out your mystery solving detective dreams in your own “Mystery Machine”

Just bought a Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon from Samba or Ebay and need help shipping it overseas from the United States?  Found the perfect Chevrolet Sportsvan 108 or Westfalia camper and looking for a reliable international shipping company to ship it overseas from the United States?  The United States is one of the most reliable suppliers of used and vintage Volkswagen Vanagon buses in the world.  Every year shippers from all around the world including Europe and Australia purchase used Vanagon buses from car sellers in the United States.  Today e-commerce sites such as and Ebay help vintage and VW bus enthusiasts around the world find the perfect Vanagon’s to purchase and ship from the United States.  Not sure how to ship the Volkswagen bus you just purchased on Samba or Ebay?  Contact one of the best automobile shipping companies in the United States, K International Transport, to help you ship your vintage or classic VW bus today.  

Found the perfect  vintage Volkswagen Vanagon in the United States? Need help shipping a vintage VW bus, van or Vanagon from the US?  Contact us today to receive a international car shipping quote for your VW bus, camper or van.

We offer affordable roll-on / roll-off international car shipping and international container shipping service for Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon buses and camper vans.  Roll-on / Roll-off shipping is the least expensive way to ship your VW bus, camper or van from the United States to Europe, Asia or Australia.  Looking to protect your VW bus while shipping it from the United States?  Want the safest and most secure way to ship your VW Vanagon from the United States?  Then consider shipping your VW bus from the United States in a international shipping container.  If the dimensions of your bus or van do not exceed the dimensions of the container, we can load your VW Vanagon securely inside a ocean container and ship it to anywhere in the world including Europe, Australia, Asia, South America, and more.

Looking to ship other classic Volkswagen (VW) vehicles or other name brand campers and trailers from the United States and need help? Our overseas car shipping service for vans, trucks, trailers and more is the best in the United States.  With over 40 years in the international shipping business we specialize in overseas transport of VW vehicles, buses, campers, Winnebago’s and trailer shipping.

Even the Scooby Doo gang knows searching for a reliable international shipping company can be a scary process.  Even when you look high and low it’s hard to figure out which international car shipping company to use.
At K International we believe it is never too late to live out your dreams.  Become a proud owner of a Scooby Doo Murder Mystery aka Volkswagen Vanagon bus today.  As a leading international car shipping company in the United States we offer some of the best international vehicle, camper, trailer, van and Volkswagen Vanagon shipping prices from the United States.  Contact us today to get a free overseas car shipping quote for your VW Westfalia Vanagon bus, Winnebago, camper or Chevrolet Sportsvan 108 from the USA.  For your VW Westfalia Vanagon bus international shipping rate from the United States give us a call at 212-267-6400 or on Skype at kinternationalny.  We can also provide car shipping quotes via email at or visit our rate request pages by clicking here.  When looking for international shipping service for your VW buses, camper and trailer contact K International!
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