Protecting Your Cargo

There are many important steps you can take to pack your cargo properly, ship your cargo and get it to its destination safely.  Unfortunately there are instances in which your precious cargo seems like a great target for thieves.  Are there ways to prevent the loss of your valuable cargo?  Absolutely.  Here are some tips to consider when you are ready to ship your goods.
If you are shipping goods as a company, be cautious about revealing your pick up and drop off points.  The more employees who know what is going on, the more opportunities there are for someone to plan to steal something en route.  People may accidentally spread the word.
Make sure you do a careful internal audit before your goods ship.  It is hard to submit a claim and have it settled in a timely fashion if you don’t know the full extent of the goods you’ve lost.  Do an internal audit first.
Know the hot spots and the ideal times for theft.  Consider residential burglary.  It is often thought that most burglaries take place as break-ins in the night.  In fact, most break-ins happen during the day when people are at work.  Stay on top the trends for theft and make sure you plan to avoid the hot spots.
Get to know the law enforcement in your area.  Partner with the people who generally watch crime trends and consult with them to see what can be done to keep your goods safer.
Cargo theft remains a serious problem around the world, despite all the good efforts from shipping countries to protect cargo.  Even the theft of fuel, parts and other shipping items are targets for thieves.  Making sure you follow a few well-placed tips can keep your cargo safe.