Relocating Abroad – Should I Ship My Car Overseas?

Is overseas car shipping for me? This is the question several of our international shipping customers ask. Customers interested in overseas car shipping should always take into consideration all factors for export and import before they ship their car overseas from the United States. As one of the best international shipping companies specializing in international automobile shipping we believe in giving our customers good and honest advice. We have helped thousands of customers relocate overseas and assisted them with shipping their household goods as well as their automobiles to their new country. However, when it comes to shipping your car(s) a lot more research is needed to properly ship your automobile. If you are still questioning whether it is worth shipping your car overseas we offer the following useful international car transport tips:

  • If you are relocating abroad for work with your current employer, check if your company will cover the costs of international shipping from the United States as well as customs clearance, handling and delivery on the import side
  • How much are the total costs for international car shipping to the destination country and what is included in those costs?
  • Always check before you reach the destination country what the road insurance rules and regulations are in the new country; oftentimes you must purchase insurance before the car arrives via overseas vehicle shipping
  • Does your vehicle meet the local compliance regulations? Will you have to modify your car to meet the requirements? Customers who have shipped their car internationally can contact the local dealership in the new country and see if they are able to assist with bringing your car up to compliance. Charges can be as much as $200 -$500 or more depending on the scope of the work needed.
  • What are the import regulations in the destination country for vehicles being used by temporary workers or permanent residents? Are duties, taxes and VAT due? Most countries will waive duties, taxes and VAT for people who are relocating or who intend to export their vehicle back to their home country within a set period of time.

If you plan to ship your car abroad during your relocation follow the above tips to make sure your overseas vehicle shipping experience will go as smoothly as possible. If you are interested in learning more you can contact us or visit our international automobile shipping information page. Looking for international overseas car shipping quotes and rates? Visit our rate requests page to receive a quote.