Relocating to London – Take your Porsche

So you are a “one percenter” on Wall Street who just bought a brand new Porsche with your bonus when your boss tells you that you have been relocated to London.  Well, you can take that new Porsche with you.  We at K International Transport can arrange to ship your Porsche or other luxury car to London, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Mumbai or wherever the financial world may take you.
We ship cars to London by sea, or if you want to tap into that bonus even more, we can ship your Porsche to London by air.  We can ship your luxury car overseas from any point in the United States to almost anywhere in the world.  We provide white glove service and full insurance so you can rest easy in knowing your luxury vehicle will arrive at your destination without a scratch.
For questions and luxury car shipping quotes, contact K International Transport Co., Inc. at (212) 267-6400 or

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