Roll On / Roll Off Shipping – What is it? Why do it?

There are a variety of international shipping methods, each having different strengths depending on what cargo you are shipping overseas. One of the methods that is growing fastest in capacity and popularity is Roll On / Roll Off shipping. These ships have built in ramps that make them particularly suited for shipping cars overseas; the cars can easily be rolled on and rolled off the vessel at the port. The vessels are large and box-like, and the automobiles are driven onto the ship and kept in specially designed holds under the deck, with many features to make carrying many cars, trucks, and other wheeled equipment as efficient and safe as possible. One of these features is extensive fire safety systems.

The main distinction between Roll On / Roll Off vessels and other cargo ships is how cargo is moved on and off the ship. Most other vessels are deemed lift on / lift off because they require use of a crane to take cargo over the side of the ship. When car-makers move inventory between continents, they use Roll On / Roll Off Vessels.

K International Transport has been shipping cars for 2 decades, and even has been referenced by the New York Times in relation to our international car shipping services. Please do not hesitate contact us for more information!