Second honeymoon? – Ship your boat overseas

She has put up with you for 30 years.  Remember in the beginning when you had nothing?  Then came work and the kids. Finally, the kids are gone, and you are reaping the rewards from your hard work.  Doesn’t she deserve a second honeymoon?  The one you always wanted to give her?  Ship your boat overseas so you can start your adventure of a lifetime together.  Just imagine shipping your boat to the Caribbean, Fiji, or Hawaii.  Or if you are looking for more history, ship your boat to the Mediterranean so you can tour Spain, Italy or Greece. You can even re-create to Odyssey voyage!
K International Transport can help you.  We specialize in international boat shipping.   We can ship your sailboat, powerboat or yacht to any international destination – even to the most remote locations, such as Australia.  We are experts in shipping boats internationally.  We have almost 50 years experience in international boat shipping.  We provide quick quotes for shipping your boat, in some cases the same day.  So what are you waiting for?  Now is the time to live your life fully.  She is waiting for you!
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