Ship a Car, Construction Equipment or Machinery to Lebanon at an Affordable Price!

Ship a Car, Construction Equipment or Machinery to Lebanon at an Affordable Price!

Are you looking to ship cars, construction equipment, commercial goods or used and new machinery to Beirut, Lebanon?  As one of the busiest ports in the eastern Mediterranean, there is always service available to Beirut from the United States.  There is plenty of affordable and inexpensive international shipping service to Beirut for cars, construction equipment and containers.  Below we list the international shipping options we offer to Beirut, Lebanon from the United States:

Beirut is known as one of the liveliest cities in the world.  It also serves as the major seaport for Lebanon with plenty of international car, construction equipment, machinery and container shipping service available from the USA.

Overseas Car Shipping Service to Beirut, Lebanon

Interested in shipping your Kia, Nissan, Hyndai, Chevrolet or Toyota car to Beirut, Lebanon from the US?  International car shipping to Beirut, Lebanon on roll-on / roll-off (roro) vessels is available from east coast ports of New York, Baltimore, Norfolk, Wilmington, Charleston, Jacksonville and the gulf port of Galveston.  If you are looking to ship more than one car to Beirut, Lebanon we also offer container service from all major ports in the United States including the west coast, east coast and gulf ports.

International Construction Equipment Shipping Services to Beirut, Lebanon

Looking for affordable international shipping options for construction equipment and machinery?  In addition to offering some of the best international ro/ro shipping service for cars to Beirut, we also offer affordable roll-on / roll-off shipping service for construction equipment and heavy machinery.  Whether you are shipping used excavators, motor graders, dump trucks, diggers, bull dozers or other used equipment and machinery to Beirut, Lebanon, we offer inexpensive international shipping prices.  

International Container Shipping Services to Beirut, Lebanon from the United States

Looking to ship 2-4 cars or luxury cars to Beirut, Lebanon from the USA?  Have construction equipment and machinery that needs to be dismantled, loaded inside a container and shipped to Beirut, Lebanon?  Shipping commercial cargo including machinery, car parts, medical supplies and other goods to Beirut, Lebanon and need full container or LCL container consolidation service?  If you need help shipping cars or commercial goods in a container from the USA to Beirut, Lebanon, we can help!  In addition to ro/ro service, we also offer affordable container shipping services to Beirut.  We can ship containers to Beirut, Lebanon from the west coast, midwest, east coast and the gulf.

International shipping service is available to Lebanon on a weekly basis.  Container shipping service to Beirut takes approximately 25-40 days port to port.  Ro/Ro service to Beirut typically takes between 20-35 days and is offered on a weekly to bi-weekly basis.  For more information or to receive international container, construction equipment and car shipping quotes from the USA to Beirut, Lebanon, send your rate request to  You can also reach us at 212-267-6400 or on skype at kinternationalny.

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