Ship a Car Overseas by Container

Ship a Car Overseas by Container

Shipping a car overseas by container is the most secure method of international transport for cars. While it is more expensive than using Roll  On / Roll Off Vessels, Containerized vessels call more ports, which translates into more efficient routing for your vehicle.

When you ship your car overseas inside a shipping container, the process begins at on the professional licensed warehouses that K International has a relationship with. Once delivered to the warehouse, the car is then cleared by export customs. This requires different documents depending on the port of export, but all require the following:

  • Original Vehicle Title
  • Dock Receipt (we will provide you with this document)
  • Original Lien Release Letter (if vehicle had a lien on it)
Other documents that are sometimes required include original, notarized Bill of Sale.

Once cleared by customs, the warehouse will load, block, and brace the vehicle into the container, in order to safely ship your car internationally on a containerized vessel. The container will then be delivered to the port of export for loading onto the vessel, and the original documents used for customs clearance will be returned to you, or sent to the recipient at the place of destination. 

If you are looking to ship your auto overseas in a container, you can contact K International Transport!  We offer car shipping quotes from any available U.S. port to any available world port!  Contact us for shipping quotes at / by phone: 212-267-6400 / or by Skype: kinternationalny

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